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Do You Hide Your Smile?

Do you find yourself rarely smiling? When you laugh, do you do your best not to show your teeth? When someone pulls out a camera, do you make sure your lips are closed and your teeth aren’t showing?

If you answered yes, a smile makeover in Jacksonville, FL may be just what you need to show off your smile again. A smile analysis by our highly trained prosthodontist is the best start in creating your ideal look. Together, we can design a custom treatment plan and get started on your new, beautiful, fully functional smile.

Dr. Gielincki on Smile Makeovers

Complete Dental Reconstruction in Jacksonville, FL

Unattractive smiles can cause low self-esteem and missed social opportunities. Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you, so you should feel confident in it. A smile makeover can greatly influence the quality of your interactions with others and change the way you feel about yourself.

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At the Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, a smile analysis begins with a comprehensive assessment of your concerns about your smile. Our team will then complete a comprehensive evaluation which will include taking digital photographs of your face and smile. Only after a thorough and professional evaluation will treatment options be discussed.

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There are numerous easy-to-see issues that affect the appearance of your smile such as the size, color, position and condition of the teeth. There are also less obvious factors that contribute to an attractive smile such as the symmetry, angles and harmony among the various elements that may need to be corrected to have that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment to find out what options will make your smile a regular occurrence.

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Referring Doctor, Dr. Salman's Review

Referring Doctor, Dr. Salman's Review

One of my partners at the hospital had been working with Dr. Gielincki for decades on cases and recommended him highly for these complex cases we work on. I had lunch with him early off when I started at the hospital and ever since then I've been referring to him. I've never had a single issue or complaint from any of the patients that have seen him, and I've seen his previous results from working with my partner, and they all seemed very successful.
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