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Referring Doctor, Dr. Salman's Review

One of my partners at the hospital had been working with [Dr. Gielincki] for decades on cases and recommended him highly for these complex cases we work on. I had lunch with him early off when I started at the hospital and ever since then I've been referring to him. I've never had a single issue or complaint from any of the patients that have seen him, and I've seen him previous results from working with my partner, and they all seemed very successful.
Referring Doctor, Dr. Salman's Review
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Barbara's Patient Review
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Dr. Gielincki is great. He gave up his lunch hour so he could fix my cracked front tooth before I went on a trip to NYC. Made my teeth look perfect. Amy R.
My smile says it all! In the past I would always cover my mouth with my hand when I smiled or laughed. This picture was taken the day I left Dr. Gielincki's office with my permanent teeth. It was the first time many of my friends and family saw my actual smile. Sending the picture out that day was a great feeling! I love my new smile! I can't say enough about Dr. Gielincki. If you're shopping around, stop, this is the person you want! Seriously, you won't regret it. Josh S.
As a patient of Dr. Gielincki for over fourteen years, I can only state that the professionalism first encountered has been consistent without exception for the entire period of time. Added to this quality service are the attitudes of the Doctor and his staff, the outstanding environment, and state of the art equipment unmatched by any other orthodontists that I know. I can truthfully say that I was without pain during all of my procedures and the Doctor has developed the end product into a true art form. I highly recommend this practice above all other practices that I have encountered. These are true consummate professionals. Rud B.
I have always found Dr. Gielincki's office to be operated with very high standards of care and professionalism. I feel like I am in good hands for whatever may occur with my teeth now and in the future. This particular visit was my bi-annual cleaning, went very well! Thank you. Sharon Q.
Found Dr. Gielincki and his staff to be very professional and completely knowledgeable, very helpful and friendly during my visits. Patient A.T
Dr. Geilincki is the quintessential professional. The focus is on the patient and the patient is an integral part of the process. And he's an artist - even made me look good! Franklin H. Customer since 2015
First dentist (specialist) to truly understand what I'm trying to say about my care without passing on their personal judgement. Melissa K. Customer since 2015
At 64, I have been to my share of dentists. Dr. Gielincki is by far the best. His professionalism, courtesy, and chair side manner inspires confidence. I recommend him enthusiastically. Ronny T. Customer since 2009
Wonderful experience with the most comprehensive exam I have ever had. Anonymous
This practice is dedicated to providing you a unique & pleasant experience. You'll be proud of his work! Dr. Gielincki is my top recommendation. Carolyn W. Customer since 2014
Dr. Gielincki has proven to be everything you would want an excellent prosthodontist to be and more. His training, experience,and attention to detail shine through in the exacting nature of his approach to the entire process. The office atmosphere is soothing, comfortable, and clean. All of this allows me to relax, and trust that Dr. Gielincki is going to return me to good dental health and function, along with a natural looking super smile he designed just for me! A real patient, who is really happy. Claudia N. Customer since 2013
My wife and I have resided in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California and have seen dentists in all four states. William Gielincki, Jr. is as fine a professional as you could hope for. Frederick S. Customer since 2008
Dental perfection ...... exhibited with true caring professionalism sums up to a 5 star rating.... Extensive bone grafts were followed up with an implant that has remained flawless both cosmetically and functionally. Mark R. Customer since 2007
Dr. Gielincki is an absolute expert! Jacksonville is lucky to have him. Diane C.Customer since 2014
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Referring Doctor, Dr. Joseph's Review

Referring Doctor, Dr. Joseph's Review

I consider Dr. Gielincki to be a perfectionist. His work is impeccable and when I have a really difficult case, especially when I'm dealing with facial reconstruction and [we are reconstructing the face as well as the smile] Bill can take it from where I leave it, and take it to the next level, and make the smiles gorgeous. That's the simple way to put it. He's also technical; their bites are going to be [aligned] which really is important.
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